Crystal hunt in Romania

Have you dreamt of finding your own Crystals? Then you get the opportunity here.

Go on a crystal hunt with Sina Jolandeh from DR2 Theme Saturday. Sina Jolandeh often travels in search of crystals for the store. Now you get the opportunity to travel along with the hunt. However, it will be a more eventful version of the business trip.

Such a trip typically takes 7 days. It will consist of a group of 5-6 people who are interested in crystals, and also fit well together in terms of physical ability and interest in crystals. In general, it's just a group of lovely people who are interested in crystals and minerals.

After registration, you will be contacted by phone before finalising booking and payment. This is when you get the opportunity to have your questions answered and get final details in place.

If you want more information about the trip, contact Sina Jolandeh by phone at
+45 22216724

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