Exhibitors at Aalborg Crystal and Jewelery Fair 2022

Smyk-Biks - Claus Pedersen at Torshøjvænget 118, 8361 Hasselager, tel.: telephone unknown.
What we work with: Jewelry.

Anitas Unikke Univers - Anita Hummelshøj Mikkelsen at Rådhusgade 88, 8300 Odder, tel.: telephone unknown.
What we work with: I'm a healer / energy worker / clairvoyant - can you get a stand with room for a couch? Also selling angel cards and Malas.

Douglas 3D Designs - contact person unknown at address unknown, tel.: telephone unknown.
What we work with: I do 3D scans of pregnant women, where I then 3D print the figure and make a base out of crystals.

Håndlæser Birte - Rihanna Skov at Spurvevej 10, Bryrup, tel.: 30 33 58 16.
What we work with: Hand reader.

Tante Thess - Thess Ravbøg at address unknown, tel.: 93 30 40 78.
What we work with: My stone book and booklets, agate wind chimes, pendulums and a few stone jewelery.

Ekliptika - Grete K. Lindholt at Sæbygårdparken 18,9300 Sæby, tel.: 20 77 73 04.
What we work with: Astrology.

Company name unknown - Agnes Rønager at Svenstruphøj 110, 9230 Svenstrup, tel.: 52 37 81 92.
What do we work with: Clairvoyance with or without deceased contact and Angel card.

Timmer Mineralien - Harald Timmer at Lippstadt, D-59555, tel.: 29 41 82 81 75 2.
What we work with: Minerals and fossils of good quality, top amethyst, assortment.

Zheng Qi By Grace - Grace at Nørregade 17 b, tel.: 40 48 01 87.
What we work with: Massage, reflexology and crystals.

Company name unknown - Ebba Wagner at Algade 5a St th, 9300 Sæby, tel.: telephone unknown.
What we work with: Stone reading, sale of stones.

Karfunkel - Marie Curies at Allé 123, 1.tv, 9220 Aalborg Øst, tel.: 61 72 76 55.
What we work with: Gemstones and handmade jewelery.

Personal Mineral Collector - Arild Ström at Burströmsvägen 24, 97433 Luleå, Sverige, tel.: telephone unknown.
What we work with: I have stones from all over the world. Some Scandinavian, and a lot international. Has mainly mineral stuffer and crystals, but also some abrasive material and some fine gemstone crystals., Among the more special things I have I can mention Dumortierite from Sweden, Large ruby ??crystals from Tanzania, black spinel crystals etc.

B.L.Trading - Boguslaw Lebiedowski at Teglvænget 79, 7400 Herning, tel.: 97 21 52 49.
What we work with: stones, stone jewelery, silver and steel jewelery.

Søndergaards-Healing.Dk - Jane Britta Søndergaard at Grønnevænget 49, 9200 Aalborg SV, tel.: 22 17 70 65.
What we work with: Healing- Life design and shadow coach. Senior coach.

Shion Company Aps - Thomsen at Smedeland 3, 6372 Bylderup Bov, tel.: 20 33 85 66.
What we work with: Stone strings, jewelery parts, crystal strings, fashion jewelery.

Top Energi - Line Sønderskov Larsen at Tuenvej 49, 9900 Frederikshavn, tel.: 29 84 04 72.
What we work with: Clairvoyant chiromancy (interpretation of blind drawing and hand reading) is what I would like to bid on, Otherwise I do: spiritual rebasing healing, card presentation, ear acupuncture, reflexology.

Krystalbamsen - Clara Dyhr Jensen at address unknown, tel.: telephone unknown.
What we work with: Crocheted teddy bears with energetic crystals.

Livslys - Rikke Burkardt Troelsen at Villavej 1, Ulbjerg, 8832 Skals, tel.: 28 96 25 88.
What we work with: Stones, crystals, sound bowls, incense, tarot cards, aromatherapy etc.

Smykker Og Sten - Finn Hasselbom at Søndersøvej 9, 9670 Løgstør, tel.: 22 90 76 10.
What we work with: Stones, crystals, minerals, fossils, meteorites, jewelery, machines for grinding stones and amber.

Colourspirit - Diana Bokelund at Limfjordsvej 14C, 9400 Nørresundby, tel.: 20 98 89 71.
What we work with: Deceased contact.

Heart & Soul - Zoyia Boysen at Bakkelyvej 2C, 9380 Vestbjerg, tel.: 61 12 52 21.
What we work with: Healing and Essential oils.

Bjergsø - René Svendsen at Vemmedrupvej 8, 4632 Bjæverskov, tel.: 29 89 07 47.
What we work with: Australian Opal, and jewelery thereof.

Søster & Søster - Rebecca Iversen at Vestre Skivevej 130A, 8800 Viborg, tel.: 27 20 18 89.
What we work with: Sale of stones and crystals, many from own collection.

Troldsten - Maria Viese at Hundstrupvej 72, 5771 Stenstrup, tel.: telephone unknown.
What we work with: Crystals and jewelry.

Dan-Opal Aps - Mikkel Trier at Schweizerpladsen 8D, 4200 Slagelse, tel.: 40 36 87 73.
What we work with: Gemstones from Ethiopia and exciting stones from Indonesia.

Earth Stone - Stefan Guldager at Vestergade 15am, Odense C, tel.: 60 24 19 87.
What we work with: Crystals, ceremonial cocoa and singing bowls.

The Soulstone - Helene Senik at Frifeltvej 19, 7330 Brande, tel.: 22 50 34 12.
What we work with: Carvings, towers, balls and holders.

Archajiski Dirbiniai, Mb - Marius Gadliauskas at Dragunu 2-81, Klaipeda 92331 Lithuania, tel.: 37 06 31 90 11 5.
What we work with: We are selling amber jewellery with silver, leather wood, raw amber and amber souvenirs.

Crystalcollectiondk - Anna Bang at Jagtvej 12, 3400 Hillerød, tel.: 22 52 14 41.
What we work with: Polerede krystaller.